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Canteen Chair

You are able to move  our canteen chairs and tables around to create the perfect little area for your ad-hoc meeting or you can create 'chill out' zones where people need to relax and think or unwind.
R 554.00

Star Arm Chair

R 570.00

Round Bar Stool

R 726.00

Stinger Chair

R 736.00

Sling Chair

R 755.00

Sun Chair

R 923.40

Zombie Chair

R 935.00

Snapper Chair

R 1,038.00

Marlin Side Chair

R 1,139.00

Flamingo Bar Stool

R 1,142.00

Cinto Canteen Chair

R 1,192.00

Iris Chair

R 1,197.00

Marlin Arm Chair

R 1,357.00

Holly Chair

R 2,029.00

Komora Bar Stool

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